working papers

"Click first or last? Strategic order submission during the Euronext preopening session,"  with Selma Boussetta and Sophie Moinas. Last revised December 2023.  (Management Science, R&R 2)

"Why do firms bundle earnings and acquisition announcements?," 2017, with José-Miguel Gaspar and Sumingyue Wang.  Last revised July 2023.

work in progress

"Client heterogeneity and bilateral oligopoly in credit derivatives markets," 2023, with Andras Fulop and Yalin Gündüz.

"Trading @ the midpoint," with Sabrina Buti

permanent working papers

"Intra-daily variation in liquidity and transaction costs in the Credit Default Swap market," 2009, with Andras Fulop.

"Liquidity externalities and buyout delisting activity," 2009, with José-Miguel Gaspar.